Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions for the New Year

I really should make some resolutions because, although this year has been pretty good and I'm not all that disappointed in my lazy arse ;-), there are improvements to be made.

1. CRAFT MORE. Like, srsly, I should really spend far less time on LJ/craftster/Ravelry/Neopets/etc and more time actually doing something.
2. I want to post here at least twice a week. I'll need to keep up on #1 so I have stuff to post! I love it when goals work together.
3. Keep my yarn buying down. I did well last year with my no-yarn-for-a-year thing. I only bought enough for two projects (one of which is about 1/2 done) and only a couple skiens of sock yarn. Oh, and stuff for projects for other people, but that doesn't count. I have plans for a particular yarn acquisition shortly after the beginning of the year to reward myself, but after that I think I shall follow these rules:
*Before I buy any new yarn, I need to finish a project with yarn that is at least a year old
*STOP BUYING SOCK YARN at least until I finish a couple pairs of socks.
*Finish one of the complicated projects before any major yarn acquisitions (that is, before I go out and buy enough for a sweater/stole/something else large).

I think I can do this. Not quite as restrictive as last year, but now I have rewards for meeting some of my goals. Let's see if I can stick to it!

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