Monday, September 24, 2007

Officially dubbed "Free Shit Day"

So, today was the first day if Info Fair, which is the big huge tabling extravaganza that occurs every year two days before the start of the school year. All organizations and clubs and a few local stores are out, giving away mad amounts of free stuff. I got a yoyo that lights up (it amuses me greatly. I wish I were better at it) and a frisbee I will never use. I got a waterbottle, warming flavored lotion, condoms, candy, mints and lots and lots of pens.

I came home and checked the mail and found 4 free samples of various things. Cereal, a "food bar", parchment paper, and some facial cleanser. I have more free stuff than I can handle. It's all terribly exciting for me the poor starving college student. And I LOVE IT.

In other news I have completely failed to take pictures and share my latest yarn acquisitions. These are notable because I am on a year-long yarn diet and I have done pretty damned good up until now, only cheating-but-not-really-because-it-doesn't-count on some sock yarn, cheap yarn from thrift stores, and yarn for projects for other people. I think I'll still keep up the effort to keep the yarn buying to a minimum after the year is over, and may come up with some other way to curb the appetite, like maybe a "must finish two projects before buying yarn for another one" type deal (hats and mittens and other such small objects will only count as 1/2 a project). I think this sounds good to me.

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