Sunday, September 9, 2007

Here comes the bitter pill, but I don't think I'll take it

So, I have realized I have way too many WIPs and some of them have become UFOs because of it. I realized that in my WIP post I forgot to write about the Print O' the Wave shawl I've been neglecting, and that is just a testament to how far it's been pushed to the side. Even though I'm a bit over my head, I have started a new project, a hat for Svend. This needs to be finished ASAP since his birthday is coming up. I also ripped out and reknit what I had done of the socks for my bro, and I'm close to finishing the first one, though I should be done by now.

I have, in all honesty, 5 WIPs and 3 UFOs. Oi. I need to finish something already. The hat could be finished really quickly if I tried, so could the socks for my bro. Oh, then I need to start a scarf for a swap. Ugh. There's something wrong with me. Should I make a "finish by" timeline for the WIPs? I think I should.

1. Socks for my bro: ASAP
2. Hat for Svend: Sep. 25th
3. Scarf for Swap (not yet a WIP): Dec. 2nd
4. Dollar and a half cardigan: before the end of fall, preferably
5. Vest for mom: Christmas
6. Fairisle vest for me (UFO): Christmas (I want to wear it that day)
7. Print o the wave stole (UFO): SOON!! DAMNIT!!
8. Monkey Socks: whenever, not a big deal.
9: Pasha the penguin: on who knows, it's already a two year old UFO.

hello, my name is Tina and I am addicted to starting projects.

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